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Welcome to our FAQ page about estate agents in the UK. Here, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that customers, both new and experienced in selling and buying property, often ask.

Williams estate agents facilitate property transactions between buyers and sellers. They market properties, arrange viewings, negotiate offers, and guide clients through the buying or selling process. Once a sale is agreed, we keep you informed and help solicitors communicate any issues, to speed up the process.

Research various agents, read reviews, and consider their experience, local market knowledge, and communication skills before making a decision. Quite often seller swill choose an agent who tells them what they want to hear. At Williams we are often higher then people think but also honest if a client is being a little to generous with the valuation of their home. There is nothing worse then valuing a property and watching it sell 6 months later at the price you advised.¬† As a local independent estate agent we pride ourselves on offering genuine opinions.¬† Williams Estate Agents also regularly appear top on Rightmove’s figures for time on the market. Which means we give informed advice.¬†

At Williams we have mortgage advisers who advise for free. Of course the advisers will charge for arranging a mortgage, once they have found you a great deal with the 100’s of lenders they have access to. A bank can only sell you their mortgages. While our advisers can seek out the best deals with many lenders. Because our advisers arrange so many mortgages, they are happy to give their time for free, until you decide to actually purchase a property and commit to a mortgage that suits you.¬†

Williams Estate agents assess property values by considering factors like location, property size, condition, recent sales in the area, and current market trends. Although we do advise, a client is perfectly in their rights to try a different price depending on their timescales. This is why you may see property on for irregular prices. Williams also keep a close eye on the market conditions and use their decades of experience to advise accordingly.  Book A Valuation

Williams Estate Agents use a combination of online listings like Rightmove, Zoopla and Williams Estate Agents, social media like Facebook with 1000’s of followers, property portals, and traditional marketing methods to reach potential buyers and renters. At Williams we also ring clients and keep them infomed of property, they may not have seen or simply disregarded it.¬†

Yes, you can use multiple estate agents, but it’s advisable to have a clear agreement in place to avoid disputes over commissions. At Williams Estate Agents we feel that just being listed on Rightmove is not good enough. Agents are not the same and healthy competition is a great way to get your property sold. We only charge if we introduce the buyer and so you will not pay two fees. Book A Valuation With Williams¬†

Gazumping occurs when a seller accepts a higher offer from a different buyer after already accepting an offer from someone else. It’s more common in fast-moving markets. Over the years we have found many vendors are very fair and gazumping is frowned upon and very rare at Williams Estate Agents

We speak to Richard Williams of Williams Estate Agents on how how he would search for new property in Herefordshire on Rightmove. 

“The best way to find new property is to:

  1. Click into Rightmove
  2. Enter the area or post code where you would like to live.
  3. Choose in the drop down menu, the distance from this area you may buy. i.e If searching in Hereford but would look in nearby Hereford villages. Select ‘3 mile radius’.¬†
  4. Then in the drop down menu. Select newest listed. This will allow you to see the newest property.

If you are looking to maybe negotiate on a property. We find most sellers are unable to take an offer of less then 2% from asking price in the first few weeks of marketing. Mainly due to lack of data from other buyers. So , if you search by oldest listed. This should show sellers who are maybe more ready to negotiate if they have not yet sold their property. 

You can also register with Williams and Rightmove to receive property alerts regarding new and reduced property. 

Well, obviusly we will say Williams Estate Agents is the best estate agent in Herefordshire. From taking beautiful images and elevated property photos to the energy of our sales team. Many agents look the same on the outside but the cultures within are very different. We are constantly calling buyers to introduce property to them. This increases viewings and of course gives our sellers a better chance of selling quickly and for a better price. 

Williams Estate Agent commissions are usually a percentage of the final sale price, which is negotiated and agreed upon before signing a contract. We are however happy to offer fixed amounts when we negotiate our fee. We work on a No Sale No Fee basis, which means you only pay us, once the transaction has exchanged. 

Williams Estate Agents attend industry seminars, subscribe to industry discussions and online news , and also keep an eye on market reports and news to stay informed about market trends. Because Williams also handle many properties, we mainly use our own data and experiences to inform our sellers. We are often a few months ahead of the media who use past information from Land Registry. 

Although you do not need  formal qualifications to be an estate agent. To become a recognised estate agent in the UK, you can start by gaining relevant qualifications, such as a Level 3 Certificate in Property (Residential Sales) or a Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management. These qualifications are offered by various accredited organizations.

Moving day when selling your property is often quite stressful. Removal men dont seem to remember that the estate agent can not release the key for a property until the money has fully transferred to the solictors account. Even though your solicitor says  they have released the money. This does not mean the money has transferred up the chain. 

If you are in a chain and selling a property. You should aim to remove all your belongings and clean the house down by at least 12 noon. We often notice people think it is fine to make 3 or 4 trips back to their old property. If the people they were buying off did the same thing it would be a catastrophe. Top Tip! Hire a van or lorry big enough for one trip! 

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