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  Welcome To Williams Estate Agents in Leominster, HR6

Williams is a proactive, independent Estate Agent, selling property in Leominster. We are able to offer a great service from our partner branch at 15 SCHOOL LANE, LEOMINSTER, HR6 8AA

We have been selling property in Leominster since 2004. We were created  to offer the best service for the most competitive selling fee.

We pride ourselves on not being as relaxed as other estate agents.  We hope you enjoy selling with us. The sales team in Hereford, Richard Williams, Avril Harrison – Berrow, Joe Kingsley & Lisa Williams offers a combined experience of over 70 years in Hereford Estate Agency.

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15 School Lane, Leominster, HR6 8AA
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HR6 0AA North Road HR6 0EY A49 HR6 0LA Owen Way HR6 0LD Arrow Close HR6 0LX Brunel Road HR6 0LZ Enterprise Way HR6 0QD Western Close HR6 0QF Southern Avenue HR6 0QQ Worcester Road HR6 0RJ Clinton Road HR6 0RL Glendower Road HR6 0RW Southern Avenue HR6 0SS Lower Leys Way HR6 0ST Longfield Way HR6 0SU Jacques Road HR6 0SW Clinton Road HR6 8AA School Lane HR6 8AB Corn Square HR6 8AD Etnam Street HR6 8AE Etnam Street HR6 8AF Etnam Street HR6 8AG John Abel Close HR6 8AJ Etnam Street HR6 8AL Etnam Street HR6 8AN Etnam Street HR6 8AP Falconer Place HR6 8AQ Etnam Street HR6 8AR Worcester Road HR6 8AS Worcester Road HR6 8AT Worcester Road HR6 8AU Worcester Road HR6 8AW Etnam Street HR6 8AX Waterworks Lane HR6 8AZ Caswell Road HR6 8BA Eaton Close HR6 8BB Caswell Terrace HR6 8BD Caswell Road HR6 8BE Caswell Crescent HR6 8BG Castlefields HR6 8BH Caradoc Drive HR6 8BJ Castlefields HR6 8BL Porters Mill Close HR6 8BN The Buttercross HR6 8BP Millers Close HR6 8BQ Caradoc Drive HR6 8BS Broad Street HR6 8BT Broad Street HR6 8BW Osborne Place HR6 8BY Etnam Street HR6 8DD Broad Street HR6 8DE Burgess Street HR6 8DG Burgess Street HR6 8DH Cranes Lane HR6 8DJ Cranes Lane HR6 8DL Kenwater Close HR6 8DN Lugg Way HR6 8DP New Street HR6 8DQ Rainbow Street HR6 8DR New Street HR6 8DS Vicarage Street HR6 8DT Hampton Gardens HR6 8DU Bridge Street HR6 8DW New Street HR6 8DX Bridge Street HR6 8DY Paradise Court HR6 8DZ Bridge Street HR6 8EA Bridge Street HR6 8EB Mill Street HR6 8ED Church Street HR6 8EE Mill Street HR6 8EF Mill Street HR6 8EG Mill Street HR6 8EH Sunningdale HR6 8EJ Ridgemoor Road HR6 8EL Ridgemoor Road HR6 8EN Cheaton Close HR6 8EP West Street HR6 8EQ The Priory HR6 8ER St. Botolphs Green HR6 8ES West Street HR6 8ET Foundry Place HR6 8EU West Street HR6 8EW Cheaton Close HR6 8EX Bargates HR6 8EY Bargates HR6 8EZ Bargates HR6 8FA Merwald Close HR6 8FB Mill Street HR6 8FD Ridgemoor Road HR6 8FE Bank Court HR6 8FF South Street HR6 8FG South Street HR6 8FJ Bradbury Close HR6 8FL B4361 HR6 8FN New Street HR6 8GA Stanley Terrace HR6 8GB South Street HR6 8GD Burgess Street HR6 8GE Ryelands Road HR6 8GF Quarry Bank Mews HR6 8GG Ryelands Road HR6 8GZ South Street HR6 8HA Bargates HR6 8HB Bargates HR6 8HD Westfield Walk HR6 8HE Westcroft HR6 8HF Westcroft HR6 8HG Westcroft HR6 8HH Wynyard Close HR6 8HJ Bircher Close HR6 8HL Newlands Road HR6 8HN Newlands Road HR6 8HP Danesfield Drive HR6 8HQ Westcroft HR6 8HR Pump Piece HR6 8HS Sandpits HR6 8HT Sandpits HR6 8HU Black Swan Walk HR6 8HW Danesfield Drive HR6 8HX Bridge Court HR6 8HY Churchill Avenue HR6 8HZ Rainbow Street HR6 8JA South Street HR6 8JB South Street HR6 8JD Westcroft HR6 8JF South Street HR6 8JH South Street HR6 8JL Hawthorn Place HR6 8JN South Street HR6 8JP Hereford Terrace HR6 8JQ South Street HR6 8JR Hereford Terrace HR6 8JS Hereford Road HR6 8JT Laundry Lane HR6 8JU Hereford Road HR6 8JW Hereford Road HR6 8JX Elm Close HR6 8JY Churchill Avenue HR6 8JZ George Street HR6 8LA Croft Street HR6 8LB Aldermans Meadow HR6 8LD Mortimer Place HR6 8LE Minster Court HR6 8LF Gateway Lane HR6 8LG Coningsby Road HR6 8LH Proberts Close HR6 8LJ Minster Court HR6 8LL Coningsby Road HR6 8LN Marlborough Close HR6 8LP Victoria Street HR6 8LQ Eaton Close HR6 8LR Corn Square HR6 8LS Lion Court HR6 8LW Churchill Avenue HR6 8LX Corn Street HR6 8LY Ropewalk Avenue HR6 8LZ High Street HR6 8NA Hereford Terrace HR6 8ND Drapers Lane HR6 8NE Church Street HR6 8NF Arkwright Court HR6 8NG Cordwainers Lane HR6 8NH Church Street HR6 8NJ School Road HR6 8NN Pinsley Road HR6 8NP Pinsley Road HR6 8NQ Church Street HR6 8NR Grange Walk HR6 8NT Westbury Street HR6 8NU Lammas Close HR6 8NW Pinsley Road HR6 8NY Dishley Street HR6 8NZ Ryelands Road HR6 8PA Ryelands Road HR6 8PB Ryelands Road HR6 8PD Ryelands Road HR6 8PE Ryelands Road HR6 8PF Holland Road HR6 8PG Mortimer Street HR6 8PH Mortimer Street HR6 8PJ Wigmore Street HR6 8PL Wigmore Street HR6 8PN Ryelands Road HR6 8PP Stockenhill Road HR6 8PQ Mortimer Close HR6 8PR Newlands Drive HR6 8PS Newlands Road HR6 8PT Newmans Close HR6 8PU Mayern Close HR6 8PW Orchard Lane HR6 8PY Oldfields Close HR6 8PZ Kenelm Court HR6 8QA Ryelands Grove HR6 8QH Green Lane HR6 8QJ Green Lane HR6 8QL Green Lane HR6 8QN Green Lane HR6 8QP Presbytery Close HR6 8QQ Ryelands Orchard HR6 8QR Perseverance Road HR6 8QS Bargates HR6 8QT Bargates HR6 8QU Bargates HR6 8QW Green Lane HR6 8QX Barons Cross Road HR6 8QY The Meadows HR6 8QZ Havelock Road HR6 8RA Pierrepont Road HR6 8RB Pierrepont Road HR6 8RD Ginhall Lane HR6 8RE The Meadows HR6 8RF The Meadows HR6 8RG Ashfield Lane HR6 8RH Barons Cross Road HR6 8RJ Hill View HR6 8RL Barons Cross Road HR6 8RN Barons Cross Road HR6 8RP Barons Cross Road HR6 8RQ Pierrepont Close HR6 8RR Barons Cross Road HR6 8RS Barons Cross Road HR6 8RT Cholstrey Road HR6 8RW Barons Cross Road HR6 8RX Richmond Crescent HR6 8RZ Bramlea Close HR6 8SA Westgate HR6 8SB Buckfield Road HR6 8SD Buckfield Road HR6 8SE Herbert Road HR6 8SF Buckfield Road HR6 8SG Oaker View HR6 8SH Blanchard Close HR6 8SJ Matilda Close HR6 8SL Ebnal Close HR6 8SN Marlow Road HR6 8SP Wesley Road HR6 8SQ Buckfield Road HR6 8SR Silurian Close HR6 8SS Woodfen Crescent HR6 8ST Silurian Close HR6 8SU Silurian Close HR6 8SW Glover Road HR6 8SX Silurian Close HR6 8SY Silurian Close HR6 8SZ Silurian Close HR6 8TA Godiva Road HR6 8TB Godiva Road HR6 8TD Green Lane HR6 8TE The Rugg HR6 8TF Radnor View HR6 8TG Mappenors Lane HR6 8TH Battlebridge Close HR6 8TJ Battlebridge Close HR6 8TL Oldfields Close HR6 8TN Worcester Road HR6 8TQ Wegnalls Way HR6 8TT Westfield Walk HR6 8TW Worcester Road HR6 8UD Clingo Road HR6 8UE Clifford Road HR6 8UF Buckfield Road HR6 8UG Buckfield Road HR6 8UH Ridgemoor Road HR6 8UJ Ridgemoor Road HR6 8UL Ridgemoor Road HR6 8UN Ridgemoor Road HR6 8UP Middlemarsh HR6 8UQ Godiva Road HR6 8UR Middlemarsh HR6 8UT Upper Marsh HR6 9AA Hopyard Close HR6 9AB Farmeadow Road HR6 9AD Portna Way HR6 9AE Portna Way HR6 9AF Cornhill Road HR6 9AG Footway Croft HR6 9AQ Ginhall Lane HR6 9AY Lacy Way HR6 9AZ Mowbray Close HR6 9BA Blue Gate Avenue HR6 0DD Southern Avenue HR6 0DE Easters Court HR6 0QA Worcester Road HR6 0QB Southern Avenue HR6 0QH Southern Avenue HR6 0SP Clinton Road HR6 0XB HR6 0YB HR6 0YH HR6 0YP HR6 6AR HR6 6AS HR6 6BD HR6 6BN HR6 6BP HR6 6BS HR6 6BT HR6 6SA Corn Square HR6 6SB Corn Square HR6 8AY Worcester Road HR6 8BU Broad Street HR6 8BX Broad Street HR6 8BZ Broad Street HR6 8DA The Priory HR6 8DB Broad Street HR6 8JE Lion Court HR6 8JJ Castlefields HR6 8LT Corn Square HR6 8LU HR6 8NL Pinsley Road HR6 8PX Dishley Street HR6 8TZ Broad Street HR6 8YP Corn Square HR6 8ZR HR6 8ZU HR6 9QG HR6 9YP HR6 8FP HR6 6BZ HR6 9FB HR6 0FA HR6 8FQ HR6 8FR HR6 6DB HR6 8NS